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Plus One Hour on New Year's

The Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman is advising valid liquor license holders that on New Year's Eve they are allowed to remain open for one hour beyond their regular permitted time.

Chairman of the Liquor Licensing Board, Mr. Mitchell Welds said that this extension applies to all seven categories of holders, adding that different category premises have different closing times.

"Whatever is a premise's closing time according to their licence, they are allowed to remain open for one hour beyond that," he further explained.

He noted, however, that as it relates to night clubs, this extension only applies to liquor sales as music and dancing must end at the normal time of 3:00 am.

Mr. Welds also reminds license holders that certain stipulations of the license remain in effect. These are that the sale of liquor and the playing of music should cease during the last ten minutes of permitted opening hours, and all patrons must be vacated before the closing hour.

For further information licensees and members of the public may contact Ms Marva Scott at the Liquor Licensing Office at 946-5446.

For further information contact: Prudence Barnes