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Sister Islands' Art Classes Resume

Artist Aston Ebanks interacting with kids earlier this year at the popular Sister Islands Art Camp

National Gallery Sister Islands' art classes will resume early in the New Year after being temporarily halted in the wake of Hurricane Paloma, and the immediate recovery process.

"As with Hurricane Ivan in Grand Cayman, the need for creative outlets for residents is more poignant then ever," explains Simone Scott, NGCI Sister Islands Officer. "We have gone through a traumatic time both during the storm and in the aftermath. Many are still searching for a way to express the shock and loss that they are feeling during the continuing recovery process. We are pushing very hard to get our programmes back up and running and they are to begin again in early January."

The Gallery run a variety of community programmes on all three islands, using art as a creative outlet, including Art Sisters" which was established after Ivan. Such classes have proven to be far reaching therapeutic qualities, as an outlet for expression, promoting the individuals' artistic growth, and as a way of attempting to understand what has taken place and to further the process of recovery.

Kick starting the programme schedule will be an Art Camp this weekend in Little Cayman followed by four weekly programmes in Cayman Brac, starting January.

"The existing programmes cover a wide age range from pre-schoolers to the elderly. The newest addition to the NGSI programming will be a film animation evening geared specifically toward teenagers," Miss Scott commented. "It is a work in progress, as is much of the scene here in Cayman Brac at the moment, but it will come into place in the New Year".

The next exhibition at the National Gallery, due to open in early March, also turns to the Brac for its inspiration. The series of 34 stark black and white photographs by Canadian photographer Robert Scott Michiel, captures the Brac landscape in a way few have appreciated. "In the wake of Paloma his beautiful images of remind us that even in the darkest moments, when the landscape is stripped bare, beauty remains," explains exhibition curator Natalie Coleman. A selection of the work will travel to the Sister Islands after Grand Cayman and part proceeds from this exhibition will be donated towards the Brac Recovery Fund.

Those wishing for more information about this and other programmes please call Simone Scott at 939-5306 or email .

For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan