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Updated Legal Textbook

Ms Deborah Barker Roye, head of the Cayman Islands Law School's Professional Practice Course, presents the newest edition of her popular textbook to the Attorney General, the Hon. Samuel Bulgin. Also attending the presentation is Law School Senior Lecturer Dr Simon Cooper (left), and Law School Director Mitchell Davies.

The Cayman Islands Law School's Academic Press continues to enrich the local jurisprudence by updating popular legal textbooks published by the school's faculty.

Head of the school's Professional Practice Course, Ms Deborah Barker Roye, presented the Attorney General, the Hon. Samuel Bulgin, QC, with the second edition of her textbook, Civil Litigation in the Cayman Islands.

Also, Dr Simon Cooper's book Conveyancing Law and Practice in the Cayman Islands, published in 2004, is in its second edition. Dr Cooper, a senior lecturer for the Professional Practice Course, is instrumental in publishing the school's series of textbooks.

"I am elated that the law faculty are enabling students to get a solid local grounding, thereby ensuring that demands by the Islands' vibrant legal profession are locally met," Mr Bulgin said.

Clear and concise, the textbooks have also become a popular resource for local and visiting attorneys as well as the local judiciary, Director of Legal Studies Mitchell Davies commented. "Indeed, the Chief Justice wrote the foreword for two of Deborah's books," he added.

Ms Barker Roye's book, originally written in 2004, explains the process of civil litigation in Cayman, referencing it to local laws, procedure and case judgments. When the first edition sold out, the book was reprinted in 2007. That too sold out quickly. So Ms Barker Roye wrote a fully indexed second edition earlier this year, which incorporated important local legal updates, Mr Davies said.

Ms Barker Roye's other book, titled Criminal Litigation in the Cayman Islands, was also reprinted last year, having sold out its first.

The textbooks can be purchased at the Law School, located above Cayman National Bank's downtown branch. For more information, contact the school on 945-0077 or

For further information contact: Bina Mani