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WB Police Awards

FRONT ROW: Acting Commissioner, James Smith; CI Angelique Howell; DCP Anthony Ennis
MIDDLE ROW: HR Manager, Theresa Reeder; Crime Desk Officer, Kara Ebanks; Sergeant Dausea Scott; Deputy Commandant, Caroline Parker; PC Patree Walcott
BACK ROW: PC Kevin Bogle; PS Winston Forth; PC Kevin Barnes; PC Ricardo Lewis; Community Volunteer- Ms Carmalee Watson; DC Dave Morrison; PC Skeeter Robinson; Station Assistant, Denise Reid

Officers and staff in West Bay have been commended by Area Commander, Chief Inspector Angelique Howell in the second annual awards ceremony designed to recognise staff that have continually developed in their roles and given their best for the good of West Bay.

10 staff members, one civilian and one special constable received awards ranging from ‘Top Constable’ and ‘Most Promising New Recruit’ to ‘Most Reliable Sergeant’ and ‘Community Volunteer Award.’

"Unfortunately, we cannot recognise or award all staff who work in West Bay despite their collective efforts for the district," said Chief Inspector Howell. “This does not mean that they do not offer a valuable contribution to policing in West Bay.”

During a special ceremony held at the West Bay police station, Area Commander Angelique Howell was surprised with her own award from Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis for her leadership and community oriented policing style.

Those awarded in the 2008 ceremony were:

Top Constable - PC Kevin Bogle

Awarded for his personal effectiveness, competence and willingness to take on extra responsibility. Ms Howell commented that PC Bogle demonstrates the ability to be an effective leader and is admired by his peers and supervisors.

Most promising new recruit - PC Ricardo Lewis

Ms Howell commented that from the moment he arrived in West Bay she could see his potential to be a very effective and dedicated police officer. His ambition, attendance record and keenness to learn and develop were highlighted.

Consistency in policing - DC Dave Morrisson and PC Kevin Barnes

It was noted that the standard of work by both officers can always be relied upon, their performance is consistently high and they always seek guidance on areas they are unsure.

Consistency in case file presentation - PC Skeeter Robinson

Ms Howell noted that despite being a new recruit, PC Robinson’s keenness in case file investigation and preparation is impressive. She was described as competent, meticulous and thorough in her work preparation and presentation.

Sergeant of the year - PS Dausea Scott

Ms Howell highlighted PS Scott’s ability to motivate and lead her team to success, to perform well under pressure, communicate very well with the public and gain the respect of those she comes in contact with. Ms Howell stated that she is a great asset to the RCIPS.

Most reliable sergeant - PS Winston Forth

Awarded for his dedication and loyalty to the RCIPS. He was flagged as someone who never says ‘I can’t do that’ and will always try to assist.

Most supportive sergeant - DS Winsome Prendergast

Awarded for her continuous support to management and staff as well as the community.

Congratulations award - PC Patree Walcott

PC Walcott is another new recruit who was honoured during the ceremony due to the exhibition of good policing practice in a serious assault GBH case that saw the accused convicted before the Grand Court.

Most reliable Special Constable - Assistant Commandant, Carolyn Parker

Assistant Commandant Carolyn Parker’s dedication, leadership and drive in working with the police to make a difference was highlighted. Ms Howell also noted that AC Parker often goes beyond the call of duty and far exceeds the 12 hours work commitment required for Special Constables.

Community volunteer award - Ms Carmalee Watson

Described as: ‘a very special lady’. Ms Howell awarded Ms Carmalee Watson for her efforts and support of the police in the community.

Most reliable office assistant - Ms Denise Reid

Ms Denise Reid was awarded for her consistent efforts in ensuring a clean and safe working environment for officers at the station. Ms Denise was presented with a gift certificate for AL Thompsons.