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National Gallery Figure Drawing

Course instructor Julieta Avarez Macías

Artist Julieta Avarez Macías is a bilingual Argentinean artist with vast experience in the art field. Through her involvement in many group and solo exhibitions for more than nine years, she will teach participants not only how to do a correct drawing by using traditional methods and techniques, but also "how to see" with a special sensitivity the things that surround us daily.

There is probably no task or subject that appears more intimidating and complex than trying to draw the live human figure, which Julieta believes includes every challenge an artist should be required to meet such as line, tone, perspective and composition. These challenges can be successfully accomplished throughout this 8 week course.

Participants will learn some useful methods and techniques through different approaches, beginning from analysing master pieces to life drawing and the self- portrait, a wide spectrum in developing and improving improve an individual's drawing skill.

This course offered out of the Harbour place location begins on January 15th at 5:15pm to 7:15pm at the cost of CI$200.00 which includes some materials. Gallery members receive 10% off the cost of the course.

To register for this course please contact the National Gallery by e-mailing Kaitlyn at You may also contact Julieta Alvarez Macias at 323-7482 or e-mail