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Paint Miss Lassie’s House Windows!

Help of artists needed to restore Miss Lassie’s House windows

As indicated by the numerous offers of assistance the restoration of Miss Lassie’s house is becoming a truly community effort. The Cayman National Cultural Foundation is therefore inviting all artists who paint in oils, to sign up for the chance to be selected to paint one of Miss Lassie’s windows or doors.

CNCF Artistic Director and member of the restoration committee, Henry Muttoo says, "The original windows on the house have lost quite a lot of their visual and structural integrity to weathering and, with much of the paint fading and flaking, the images will soon disappear if we do not remove and, as far as possible, arrest the deterioration." He said that with Miss Lassie not being around to ‘refresh’ the images as she did, they will not last much longer. New windows, he said, will be constructed by Steve Hawley, ‘aged’ to look authentic and the original artwork (using photographs in CNCF’s archive) copied onto the new panels which would have specially prepared surfaces and a finish that will help delay the effects of weathering. Mr. Muttoo pointed out that each artist will be responsible for painting one window or door and will have his/her name engraved on a small plaque that will read, "This window is a copy by (artist’s name) from the original, by Gladwyn K. Bush."

CNCF Chairman, Martyn Bould commented that this contribution of our artists will enable financial resources to be redirected to other needy areas of the restoration - especially in these difficult economic times - such as the refurbishment of the duplex that will house a Gift shop/tea room, and an viewing and intuitive artists gallery, while giving our artists an opportunity to engage Miss Lassie’s process while making a valuable contribution to the restoration of the home.

Artists who paint in oils and are interested can contact the Cayman National Cultural Foundation at 949-5477 or email the Artistic Director at