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CSC Expands Programmes

(L-R) The Portfolio of the Civil Service Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues and the Civil Service College Director Ryan Lanham.

The Cayman Islands Civil Service College (CSC) has been expanding its activities as it moves into its second year of operations. One particularly notable area of development is its offerings in the areas of leadership and governance training. This training often targets some of the senior-most members of the Cayman Islands Government.

CSC Director, Ryan Lanham, explained that a number of projects are either completed or soon to be delivered that support the goal of an increasingly efficient and effective public service. These include the following:

  • A workshop on strategic planning in 2008, led by Professor Anthony Clayton of the UWI Institute for Sustainable Development, in partnership with the Cabinet Office.
  • A recently-held conference and training course to standardise and improve procurement efforts within government. This was held in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply and the Central Tenders Committee. The training courses can lead to internationally recognised procurement certifications.
  • Public service participants and lecturers in the Procurement Training Course.

  • An upcoming seminar to improve board governance, for board members from the Cayman Islands and other Overseas Territories, sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Ongoing work with the Office of the Attorney General, to develop an innovative training approach to support the rollout of the new Anti-Corruption Law. This is important new legislation that politicians and leaders throughout the public and private sectors need to understand well.
  • The development of a leadership master's degree programme that will help ensure that our pool of Caymanian candidates for senior civil-service posts have the appropriate knowledge and experiences to be ready to lead when called upon. We are aiming for a 2010 start, and we are hoping for participation by other British Overseas Territories.

The CSC falls under the remit of the Portfolio of the Civil Service. Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues emphasised the importance of the work being undertaken in leadership and governance: "A strong Cayman Islands must be a learned Cayman Islands. The Civil Service College is all about assisting with building and maintaining an ever-more professional and strong set of public servants - at all levels. Everyone needs training to be better, and we have had the good fortune that people recognise and support this need across the top tiers of government. "

Mr. George McCarthy, Chief Secretary and Head of the Civil Service, a key player in the development of the CSC, strongly supports the need to address training and learning at all levels of government: "The Civil Service College team has been working hard, and it is thrilling to see their efforts blossom. I am a great believer in building a more professional and well-trained workforce in government, and in providing opportunities for all civil servants to learn and improve. As is well known, government service is an important path forward for Caymanians, and the investment in our people is well worth it."

Persons interested in the Civil Service College, or its leadership and governance programmes, may contact Ryan Lanham at or 345-244-2445.