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NGCI Hosts Teachers Workshop

NGCI Hosts Teachers Workshop

Educators will have the opportunity to discuss the role and function of creative experiences for young learners at an upcoming Teachers Workshop to be held at the National Gallery in Harbour Place.

The session will be looking at various approaches to teaching art within the primary classroom and its relevance to the current curriculum.

Artist, David Bridgeman will be conducting the workshop on Tuesday 10th February beginning at 5:30 pm. Mr. Bridgeman is well known for his art as well as his contribution formally as an educator in the local school system. He states, "The teaching of art requires as much dedication and effort as it does to teach any other core subject. The session is really about changing attitudes towards the subject and de-mystifying it."

"We are delighted to be working with artist and educator David Bridgeman to develop a course for teachers that explores the role of art in the classroom. Art can be a wonderful way of adding creativity to traditional learning and a way of engaging learners of all ages," said Natalie Coleman, Director Designate of the National Gallery.

Teachers can register to attend the workshop by calling the National Gallery at 945-8111 or e-mailing David at .