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Court Weights Pending

Some participants of the healthy lifestyle programme underway in Judicial Administration.

Inspired by a popular US television show, some staff members in Judicial Administration are committing to adapting healthy lifestyles.

Twelve women and one man have all signed a pact to lose weight as a starting point to becoming more health conscious. They even have a contest underway to determine who will emerge as the "Biggest Loser."

"I am delighted that staff members are a making conscious effort to improve their overall health. This is a win-win situation for all of us, in our public and personal lives," said Courts Administrator Delene Cacho, an active participant in the programme. "I am hoping this will translate into overall life-style changes that impact positively on work performance and, at a personal level, on individual self-worth. In short, we will be positively endorsing our lives," she commented.

Collectively, the 13 individuals weighed in at 2,794.7 lbs at the start of the programme, a figure they hope to see significantly reduced over a two-month time-span, ending 4 May. According to HR Manager Patricia Muschette, the winner will record the highest percentage of weight loss.

"We are already seeing increasingly healthy and nutritious choices in foods," Ms Muschette said. "We are more focused, choosing items like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as lean meats. And we are cutting out candy. I am pleased to report that so far, the group is showing great commitment to individual goals."

Participants have recourse to meal and nutrition plans as well as detailed weight charts. In addition to their mutual support system, there is a personal trainer who offers services at reduced costs. Some contestants need this extra boost to stay motivated and gladly pay for this service themselves.

The group is weighed weekly by an external recorder, but since there is no public disclosure of results, participants neither feel distressed nor pressured.

The overall purpose of this gentler approach is to encourage the continuance of the healthier lifestyle regimen even after the two-month contest concludes. Organisers want to enable life-altering habits to take root in individuals for their betterment and wellness.

Contestants are vying for an airline ticket to Miami or Jamaica first prize and runners-up will also earn prizes, Ms Muschette said.

However, she was quick to point out that everyone gains in this losing battle. After all, she quipped, "If they lose, they win!"

She added, "Our thanks go to Al La Kebab and Subway for their donation of gift certificates and coupons to our weekly winners."


For further information contact: Bina Mani