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Drawing Fundamentals Workshop

Artist Julieta Alvarez-Macias

Taught by artist Julieta Alvarez-Macías, this March 14th dual session workshop will develop concepts such as proportion, light and shadow, composition and space. Julieta believes through the many useful practicing exercises she will teach, class participants will be able to create empirical and conceptual drawings by the end of both sessions.

Relaying these basic concepts; the Fundamentals of Drawing Workshop is aimed at beginners, however, experienced participants can take the workshop in order to improve their skills.

"Attendees will find the workshop remarkably helpful to enhance creativeness and to improve concentration", commented Ms. Alvarez. "Everyone can learn how to produce a correct drawing; it is a matter of understanding the main principles, supported by practice."

The first of the two sessions will take place from 9.00am to 12.00pm and the second will be from 1.00pm to 4.00pm after breaking for lunch. All materials are included in the cost which is CI $50.00 per session or CI $90.00 for both sessions. National Gallery Members receive a 10% discount off the price of courses.

Interested persons are asked to contact Kaitlyn at or at 945-8111 for a detailed explanation of the two sessions.

Biography of Julieta Alvarez Macías

Julieta Alvarez Macias was born in 1977 in Rosario, Argentina. She studied Architecture at the National University of Rosario and graduated in 2002.

Julieta has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Spain and most recently in the Cayman Islands. Julieta had her first solo exhibition called "Mental Spaces" in 1999 followed by "Endless Suburbs" and "Urban Tribes" in 2000. All of them took place at local Art Galleries in her hometown.

In addition, she participated in several group exhibitions, such as the "International Art Fair" held in Seville, Spain in the year 2000. The last exhibition before moving to the Cayman Islands, took place in San Nicolas, Argentina, in 2006. After being granted the right to participate in the "National Art Exhibition Hall of Plastics Arts" she was awarded a special mention.

From 2003 to 2008, fully devoted to her art, she attended on a monthly basis, art clinics dictated by widely known artists Jorge Macchi and Daniel Garcia in Buenos Aires. As described by her as the breakeven point, since then Julieta has been working with the idea of going further and deeper with her art and the paintings presented by the artist in this exhibition are the consequence of that continuous experimenting process that she is involved with. The artist shows a unique style surrounded by a whole creative world of her own.

Her most recent exhibitions in Grand Cayman are; "Expressions of Cayman" in 2008 at the art gallery of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel; and "Dreams within Dreams", which is her latest solo show, from January to April 2009, at the art gallery of the Butterfield Bank.