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Honour Women with Art Auction

The Empowerment and Community Development Agency (ECDA) along with the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands has joined forces to bring awareness to women's issues by hosting a small art auction to coincide with March's Honouring Women Month.

The auction will be held this Monday, 16 March 2009, at Casanova Restaurant on the waterfront beginning at 5:30pm and the public is invited to attend the event.

With the theme of Honouring Women Month being "Heroes Among Us" all the works on display will depict the female form or the artists' interpretation of who or what makes a women a hero.

The works have been offered up by several well known artists such as Avril Ward, Maureen Andersen, Alta and Gordon Solomon, Natasha Bodden and Joseph Betty amongst others. The public will have the chance to speak with the artists on their inspiration and bid on the works throughout the evening in a silent auction.

The evening, set to be a casual event will include poetry readings, dance and live music and hopes to promote the beauty and heroism of Cayman's female population while entertaining the viewer and raising awareness of issues today's women face.

For more information contact Miriam on or 949-0006 or the gallery on or 945-8111.