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House Dissolves

The House will be dissolved at midnight (12 am, Tuesday, 24 March).

His Excellency the Governor, Mr Stuart Jack, CVO, issued a Proclamation dissolving the House that was printed in Extraordinary Gazette #14, dated 17 March. A second Proclamation announcing the General Elections to be held on Wednesday, 20 May, was printed in the same gazette.

Members of the Legislative Assembly have until midnight tonight to conclude all pending business.

In Cayman, under Section 47 of the Constitution, the Governor dissolves the House at the end of its four year term, unless it has been dissolved sooner. The House gets prorogued four times during this term - after the last meeting for the year and before the annual Throne Speech, when the new session begins. There are four sessions to a term of the House and generally four meetings to a session.

"At the end of the four year term, the Governor dissolves the House and a General Election shall be held within two months following dissolution. Upon dissolution, all pending business comes to an end and Members of the House cease to be Members. Ministers of the Cabinet, however, continue in office until the Members of the new Parliament are sworn in at the first meeting of a new term of Parliament," explained Clerk of the LA Wendy Lauer.

In contrast, at the end of each session, the Governor prorogues the House. "The effect of prorogation is to bring the Session to a close at which time any business of the House, not concluded, is quashed. To bring the business back to the House, it must be reintroduced in the new Session," Ms Lauer said.

Section 47 of the Cayman Islands Constitution states:

"47(1) The Governor may at any time, by Proclamation, prorogue or dissolve the Assembly.

(2) The Governor shall dissolve the Assembly at the expiration of four years from the date when the Assembly first meets after any general election unless it has been sooner dissolved."


For further information contact: Bina Mani