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43 Nominated

Studying nomination documents, Deputy Supervisor of Elections Colford (l) and a Returning Officer for George Town Philip Barnes (r).

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez reports that 43 persons were nominated during Nomination Day (Wednesday 25 March) for the 2009 General Elections of the Cayman Islands.

"The nomination process ran smoothly throughout the day," said Mr Gomez. "All nominations were in order and the officers performed commendably."

The 2009 candidates and their two nominators are as follows:

West Bay

  1. Bernie Bush - James Prentice Powell and Benson Obadiah Ebanks
  2. Rolston (Rollie) Anglin - Charlene M. Rivers and Wenzil Burlington
  3. Paul Desmond Rivers - Ralph F. Williams and Rita Mae Bush
  4. Lana Mae Smith - Benson Obadiah Ebanks and Dorothy Parchment
  5. Dora Ann Elizabeth Ebanks - Dorlisa E. Ebanks and Davis E. Ebanks
  6. Cline (CG) Glidden - Sarah A. Waldrond and James Prentice Powell
  7. McKeeva Bush - Alice Fay Christian and William Harvey Ebanks
  8. Capt. A. Eugene Ebanks - Eva J. Habib and Clara B. Bush
  9. Choppy (Reginald) Delapenha - Andy A. Parsons Sr. and Daphne L. Orrett
  10. Woodward Jerome "Woody" DaCosta - Daphne Orrett and James B. Anglin
  11. Henry Ormon Morgan - Rubert Ackermon and Isaac S. Ebanks

George Town

  1. C. Walling Whittaker - Tresea Julanna Brown and Sherry Ann Smith
  2. Alden McLaughlin - Vanessa Godfrey-Banks and Ransford Donald Terry
  3. Alfonso Wright - Rosemarie Daisylyn Navuki and Beryl E. Ramoon
  4. Lucille Dell Seymour - Alvinie K. Watson and John Godfrey Meghoo
  5. D. Kurt Tibbetts - Ruth Parline James and Robert James Arch
  6. Mike Adam - Thomas Henry Edlin Merren and Paulette Sue Anglin-Lewis
  7. Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden - Berna Thompson-Cummins and June Virginia Walton
  8. Ellio Solomon - Sherri Ann Bodden and Timothy Geoffrey Solomon
  9. Jonathan Piercy - Richard Edward Arch and David Neils Godfrey
  10. W. Burns Conolly - Heber Arch and Alvin Allen McLaughlin
  11. Dr. Frank Swarres McField - Beulah Burton and Edlin Moore
  12. Derrington Bo Miller - Keith Parker Tibbetts Jr. and Charleen Catherine Peart
  13. Eddie Kendall Thompson - Lorna E. Bush and Marcos Thompson

Bodden Town

  1. Sandra Catron - Gregory Edward Barnes and Lisa Tania Ramsaran
  2. Anthony "Tony" Eden - Audrey Dourin Ebanks and Raymond Olson Levy
  3. Gilbert McLean - Claudette Eden and Allan Shirley Ebanks

  4. Charles "Chuckie" Clifford - Robert S. Watler Jr. and Bernadette Sanford
  5. Osbourne "Ossie" Bodden - Alexis Vendryes Bodden and Alfred Dane Walton
  6. Theresa Lewis-Pitcairn - William Ivan Wood and Pamela E. Myrie
  7. Dwayne "John John" Seymour - Jacqueline M. Terry and George William Berry
  8. Mark Scotland - Kristi Jodi Ebanks and Kent Mitchell Rankine
  9. Justin W. Woods - George Anthony Powell and Elbert Eugene Connor
  10. Vincent R. Frederick - Paul Astor Bodden and Jason Everton Simms

North Side

  1. Oswell M. "Sonny" Rankine - Arthur Ransford McLean and Burke G. Connolly
  2. Denison Ezzard Miller - Bunyan L. Whittaker Sr. and Johnny S. Ebanks
  3. Joseph "Joey" Ebanks - Janet Ethel Ebanks and Edna Marie Moyle

East End

  1. John Bonwell McLean Jr. - John Bonwell McLean Sr. and William Warren McLaughlin
  2. V. Arden McLean - Benjamin Daralton McLean and Phyllis Viola McLean

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman

  1. Juliana Connolly-O'Connor - Temple Cleveland Tatum and Laurel Levonne Ryan
  2. Moses I. Kirkconnell - Sidney O. Ebanks and Laura Lucille Walton
  3. Lyndon Leathan Martin - Corlon Delvert McLaughlin and Raymond Irvin Scott
  4. Maxine McCoy-Moore - Avon Margarito Chantilope and Bentley Carver McLean


For further information contact: Lennon Christian