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Notice of Referendum

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As required by the Referendum (Constitutional Modernization) Law, the Elections Office has issued a Notice of Referendum.

The notice was published by Extraordinary Gazette on Friday, 27 March. It states that the referendum will be held to allow electors to vote on the Draft Constitution.

That document was agreed by the Cayman Islands Constitution Delegation and the Government of the United Kingdom last month (5 February) and was tabled in the Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands six days later.

Scheduled for Wednesday 20 May 2009, the National Referendum will be held on Elections Day during the same hours-7:00am to 6:00pm. Venues are the following polling stations, as established in the electoral districts:

North Side: North Side Primary School - 907 North Side Road.

East End: East End Civic Centre - 80 John McLean Drive.

West Bay:

  • West Bay NorthWest - New Testament Church of God, 28A Boatswain Bay Road.
  • West Bay Central - John A. Cumber Primary School, 44 Fountain Road.
  • West Bay East - Church of Christ, 24 Batabano Road.
  • West Bay South - John Gray United Church Hall, 26 West Church Street.

George Town:

  • George Town North - Victory Tabernacle Church, 325 Eastern Avenue.
  • George Town Central - George Town Primary School, 42 Gresscott Lane.
  • George Town West - Cayman Prep Kindergarten School, 242 Smith Road.
  • George Town South - George Hicks High School Hall, 73 Academy Way.
  • George Town East - Red Bay Primary School, 271 Shamrock Road.
  • Prospect - Prospect Primary School, 169 Poindexter Road.

Bodden Town:

  • Savannah/Newlands - Savannah Primary School, 1659 Shamrock Road.
  • Bodden Town West - The Grounds, 199 Agricola Drive.

    Bodden Town East - Bodden Town Primary School, 6 Condor Road.

Cayman Brac & Little Cayman:

  • Cayman Brac East - Creek Primary School, 28C Student Drive.
  • Cayman Brac East 2 - Spot Bay Primary School, 107B Spot Bay Road.
  • Cayman Brac West & Little Cayman - West End Primary School, 10A West End Road.

Referendum votes will be counted on Thursday, 21 May, starting at 10:00am in the Family Life Centre, 49B Academy Way, George Town.

Painstaking details are being followed to ensure a smooth exercise. Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez said this should result in an effective voting process and added, "Expeditious polling is our primary objective. Every effort has been made to allow electors to vote during both the Elections and the National Referendum, in a legal, organised and convenient fashion."

A separate 'Notification of Election' press release outlines details for all district polls, including listings of the polling stations, times they are open, the time and locations where votes will be counted, as well as a list of candidates for each electoral district. As required by law, the same information is also being published in an Extraordinary Gazette dated Friday, 27 March 2009.

For more information on the National Referendum, contact the Elections Office on weekdays in person at The Professional Centre on Smith Road, George Town between 8:30am and 5:00 pm, or call 949-8047. The public may also e-mail the office at, or visit its website:


For further information contact: Lennon Christian