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Statement by the Governor

HE The Governor Mr Stuart Jack, CVO


The Acting Commissioner of Police has informed me of progress on Operations Tempura and Cealt. As the Tempura investigations have wound down and as we now have a report on other allegations to consider, we have been able to take stock and review where we are - something that was not possible earlier.

The key point is that the police operation will continue. We must do so to provide justice for this community and for the RCIPS. The Cayman Islands' reputation for integrity is even more important given the current economic pressures.

I want to reassure people who provided information to us, confidentially, that their claims have been carefully considered, and each one will be dealt with appropriately. In taking these investigations forward, I have also asked the Acting Commissioner and the Portfolio of Internal Affairs to look carefully at the financing arrangements to ensure that, in these difficult economic times, we are receiving the best possible value for money.

We will have a new Senior Investigating Officer, but we will remain committed to taking action against the minority of police officers who fail to meet the high standards of the majority. And we equally remain determined to sort out key systems in the RCIPS that are not working well, so that the public can have greater confidence in their police service.

I want to acknowledge the contribution that Martin Bridger personally has made towards our goal of a RCIPS beyond suspicion - a goal that he feels very strongly about.

Let us not forget that the original Tempura investigation has succeeded in clearing the names of people who were unjustly accused of wrongdoing. Many of us in the Cayman Islands - including myself - have acknowledged that some mistakes were made later on, as unfortunately sometimes happens with the best of intentions. But I feel sure that many of the people who came forward with information are glad that Martin Bridger came to the Cayman Islands.

They too want to see a better police force. I - and I am confident many people in the community - will continue to support the actions taken by the Acting Commissioner of Police to achieve that important national goal.