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Passport Fee Increase

As per the Diplomatic Services Consular Fees Order 2009, made on 18th March 2009 and coming into force on 9th April 2009. The fees for administering an application made abroad, including applications for replacing an expired passport, replacing a passport of restricted validity with a new passport of full validity, issuing a new passport with amended personal details and replacing a lost or stolen passport, have been increased.

Effective Monday 27th April 2009 applications for British Citizen passports will attract the following fees:

  1. where the applicant is aged 16 years or over - 124.00
  2. where the applicant is under 16 years old (for a passport valid for 5 years) - 79.00
  3. providing a 48 page passport - 150.00

All fees must be made payable using a pounds sterling bank draft only (no personal cheques will be accepted) to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

To submit an application and for further information please contact the Passport Office on Elgin Avenue.