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Pick Up Voter IDs

This new voter collected her registration card this week.

Voters will have another chance to obtain their Elector Registration Cards, commonly referred to as Voter IDs, in the eastern districts.

Chief Assignments Officer Eldon Whittaker explained the unexpected circumstances that left civic centres in East End, North Side and Bodden Town unattended the evenings of 13-15 April.

"We do apologise," he said. "It was not intentional and we don't like making mistakes. When the schedule was planned for the Easter holiday period, we did not appreciate how many staff members already had travel plans. Then, in addition to staff shortage, one of our trucks broke down."

Voter ID card were issued at supermarkets on Easter Saturday as announced, except for Republix in West Bay, Mr. Whittaker noted. Arrangements for Cayman Brac on the 17th and 18th were still in place.

He pointed out that voters who work in George Town could come by the Elections Office at the Smith Road Professional Centre, where a card-issuing station is set up in the ground floor lobby 9am-5pm daily - including Saturdays and Sundays.

The Elections Office still intends to send teams to the eastern districts, but it will be on a Saturday for the entire day. Dates will be announced as soon as staff and vehicle availability is confirmed.