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Local rap group C.B.R. (Cats Brought up Restricted) premiered their song 'Choice' on Tuesday (12 May). The song encourages Cayman's youth to participate in the 20th May referendum. From left are Radio Cayman's DJ Joel Wilson; C.B.R. Manager Fritz McPherson; Radio Cayman's DJ Silver Fox; C.B.R. member Jason (J-Nezzie) Campbell; Deputy Director Constitutional Review Secretariat Christen Suckoo; and C.B.R. member Michael (M-Lito) Muthen.

A new recording from local rap sensation C.B.R. (Cats Brought up Restricted) encourages Cayman's youth to make their mark during next week's referendum.

Coined "Choice", the song is a collaboration between the group and the Constitutional Review Secretariat (CRS) as it encourages participation in the 20th May referendum.

Geared towards the 18 to 20+ voter, the song encourages listeners to get informed, make a choice and then vote.

"It's all about civics and participation in the country's democracy," CRS Deputy Director Christen Suckoo explained when asked about "Choice".

"We need to encourage more young people to get involved," he continued. "These young men are leaders in the community, and the song is an excellent way to get the message to their peers."

The group, which had dropped out of the limelight for a few years, jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

"This was our chance to make a positive, historically significant contribution," C.B.R. Manager Fritz McPherson explained.

"We all need to learn about the constitution and how it will affect us in the future," group member Michael 'M-Lito' Muthen added. "We have to be aware of what's going on in our community and have our say in it."

To listen to the song, visit the Constitutional Review Secretariat's website at, select news & events and click on media room.

A link to the 2009 Draft Constitution Explanatory Guide is also available on the site's homepage.

For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan