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CI Constitutional Order

HE the Governor Mr Stuart Jack

Cayman Islands Constitutional Order: Statement from HE The Governor

The Referendum on the draft Cayman Islands Constitution Order took place on 20 May 2009 and the result was announced on 21 May. The people of the Cayman Islands voted to accept the implementation of a new Constitution.

I am very pleased at the outcome of this referendum. The new Constitution is the result of three rounds of negotiations between the Government of the United Kingdom, the Cayman Islands Government, the Opposition, and Non-governmental organisations, representing the churches, the local business community and the Human Rights Committee, The first two rounds of negotiation were held in the Cayman Islands and the final round in London, chaired by Minister for the Overseas Territories, Gillian Merron.

An Order in Council will now be submitted to Her Majesty in the Privy Council for consideration at its next meeting on 10 June. The new Constitution Order will be brought into force by me by proclamation soon after it has been made in the Privy Council. At that time, I will issue a further Press Release explaining the phased introduction of the new Constitution. There is much work to be done, and my Office will be working closely with the Constitutional Review Secretariat and others to ensure a smooth transition.