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Cuban Nationals to be Regularised

Cuban nationals who were exempted by the Governor in Executive Council (now Governor in Cabinet) from work permit requirements in the 1990s because of their close Caymanian family connections and who have been resident in the Islands for at least eight years, are urged to apply for permanent residence prior to 30 November 2009.

Cabinet recently approved an amendment to Immigration Regulations (2007 Revision) which allows members of this group who apply for permanent residence before 30 November this year to receive additional points resulting from their close Caymanian connections in the Permanent Residents Points System.

Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson said "I urge those Cuban nationals who qualify to submit their applications for permanent residence at an early stage. I also ask those Cuban nationals who have already applied for permanent residence to contact the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Secretariat to ensure that their applications are up-to-date and complete so that the application can be presented to the Board."

For further information contact: Prudence Barnes