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Elections and Referendum

Cayman Islands flag

After months of preparations, and a 4:00am headstart today (Wednesday, 20 May), the 2009 General Elections and Constitution Referendum are in full swing.

All of the Cayman Islands' 78 polling stations (39 each for the election and referendum) opened at 7:00am to accommodate the country's 15,361 registered electors.

Ballot boxes were dispatched to the district polling stations in the early morning hours, and all official activities are being coordinated from the elections headquarters in the Family Life Centre in George Town.

Voters are trickling in to the polls to exercise their democratic rights. The tradition has been for calm proceedings and a high turnout (usually in the 80-percentage range), with most people opting to vote in the morning hours.

Today has added significance as this is the first referendum ever held in the Cayman Islands. The first returns will be announced around 9:00am, with results updated every two hours thereafter.

No effort thas been spared in encouraging and enabling electors to exercise their franchise, and all are ancouraged to cast their votes.

For more details stay tuned to local media, or access the Elections Office website.

For further information contact: Lennon Christian