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GIS Spotlight on Breeding the Blues

A blue iguana basks in the sun.

It's breeding season for Cayman's blue iguanas and GIS Spotlight visits the breeding programme to find out how this critically endangered species reproduces. Also hear about the Botanic Park's new native nursery, join the drama at this year's fire truck pull, and test your knowledge with Cayman Quiz.

May is mating month for the blue iguana. Find out how many eggs a female lays, how long the incubation period is and when we can expect the new arrivals.

Also, we hear about the 200 acres of blue iguana habitat recently protected by the Cayman Islands Government and about the difference the breeding programme is making, releasing almost a hundred young iguanas into the wild each year.

To win the fire-truck pull, you have to rely on both strength and skill, says veteran participants of this annual fundraising event for the Special Olympics.

Join GIS Spotlight as we capture the excitement and action of this year's event, which for the first time, allowed corporate teams to enter. Get up close as the squads strain and sweat for victory. We also talk to organizers on how pulling 81,000 lbs over 15 ft helps Cayman's special sportsmen and women.

What do you know about Cayman's stone walls? Join us for Cayman Quiz as we tell you the story behind these often overlooked pieces of the landscape that have played a big role in the islands' history.

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Due to CITN's elections coverage, GIS Spotlight is currently being aired on Cayman 27 on Tuesdays at 6:30pm, instead of the normal 6:30pm Monday time slot.

The Thursday airing at 7:30pm on Island 24 remains unchanged. Viewers are advised to stay tuned for any additional schedule changes.

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