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House Committees

During the inaugural sitting of the LA yesterday (Wednesday 27 May), North Side MLA and lone independent in the new House, Mr Ezzard Miller was nominated as the Chairman of the Standing Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

This was the only committee to elicit a vote by secret ballot since the Opposition did not accept the government bench's nomination of four names, including Mr Miller's, for the five- member committee. Cabinet Minister the Hon. Rolston Anglin nominated Mr Miller as chairman and government backbenchers Mr Cline Glidden Jr. (West Bay), Mr Ellio Solomon (George Town) and Mr Dwayne Seymour (Bodden Town) to be on the committee.

However, Opposition MLA Mr Arden McLean (East End) objected to having only one nomination from their side and proffered two names: Mr Moses Kirkconnell (Cayman Brac and Little Cayman) and Mr Alden McLaughlin (George Town).

Following the election and vote count, the Speaker named Mr Miller as chairman and Messrs. Glidden, Solomon and Seymour (13 votes each) and Mr Kirkconnell (18 votes) as members.

The important PAC scrutinises the government's previous years' accounts, based on the Auditor General's report.

The other committees and new members chosen are:

  1. Standing Register of Interests Committee (primarily to deal with managing and monitoring the register of interests maintained by the LA office): Chairman -- Mr Ellio Solomon; members - Mr Miller, backbench MLAs Mr Glidden, Mr Seymour and Capt Eugene Ebanks, Opposition MLAs Mr Kirkconnell, Mr McLaughlin; Mr McLean and Mr Anthony Eden (Bodden Town).
  2. Standing Business Committee: (which determines the nature and order of business for each sitting of the House) - Chairman - Leader of Government Business the Hon. McKeeva Bush, members - Cabinet Ministers the Hon. Rolston Anglin; the Hon. Julianna O'Connor Connolly; Opposition MLAs Mr Alden McLaughlin and Mr Arden McLean.
  3. Standing House Committee (primarily dealing with the LA's physical logistical matters): Chairman -- Government Backbench MLA Mr Seymour; members - Capt. Ebanks; Mr Solomon, Opposition's Mr Eden and Mr Kirkconnell.
  4. Standing Select Committee to oversee the performance of the Office of the Complaints Commissioner: Chairman - Mr Glidden; members - government back benchers Mr Seymour; Mr Miller; Mr McLean and Mr McLaughlin (deputy chairman).
  5. In addition, a successfully-carried government motion set up the Standing Select Committee on privileges, comprising elected members of the whole house.

For further information contact: Bina Mani