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Modern Art and Colour Course

Julieta Avarez-Macías

Led by Julieta Avarez-Macías, this six-week course starting June 18th will explore the fascinating world of Modern Art through the use of colour. Join us at the National Gallery in Harbour Place, Thursdays from 5:15pm - 7:15pm.

The class offers the exploration of some of the most relevant avant-garde movements such as cubism, surrealism and futurism, by discussing their main concepts as well as projected images.

The sessions also give the unique opportunity to experiment through the students' personal point of view; having a closer approach to what outstanding artists of these time periods conquered.

Colour Theory plays an important role as well. Each class we will explore different colour combinations, among some useful harmony rules. This training will definitely help students to develop a unique sensibility towards colour if they wish to pursue painting, fashion design or interior design. Students will find the class especially helpful to enhance creativeness as well as relaxation.

The course costs $180.00 with a 10% discount for National Gallery members and materials included.

For more information contact Kaitlyn at or call the Gallery 945-8111.

Course level: For those who have a basic understand of the elements of drawing or have completed a relevant art course or workshop.