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Prison Officer Suspended

Her Majesty's Cayman Islands Prison Service confirms that a second prison officer has been suspended in connection with the escape of James Orville Ebanks.

Now that Mr. Ebanks is back in custody after being apprehended by prison officers late on Monday evening, the full internal prison investigation into the facts surrounding the escape is proceeding as quickly as possible. Its aim is to determine what the exact circumstances of the escape were, what disciplinary actions may be warranted as a result, and what new security measures may be required to prevent any repetition of this incident.

The RCIPS is conducting an investigation, which is not unusual in these circumstances, into the unlawful escape by the prisoner, including any offences that he might have committed up to and including the time of his recapture. Additionally, the investigating officer will examine if he was aided and abetted during and after his escape, which is a serious criminal offence. The last incident of this kind to occur was in September 2004, when two prisoners escaped shortly after Hurricane Ivan.

For further information contact: Lennon Christian