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Rds Closed: Funeral and Fete

Funeral in Bodden Town

Due to the funeral and burial of the late Catherine Gibson being held at the BT Presbyterian Church and BT cemetery respectively, permission has been granted to have traffic diverted onto the BT bypass on Saturday 2nd May 2009. Traffic coming from the west will turn onto the bypass in the vicinity of the police station and traffic travelling to the east will turn onto the said bypass in the vicinity of the Cable and Wireless Exchange.

The diversion will be in place from between 10:00am and 1:30pm.

This serves as a gentle reminder of this weekend’s road closures. Taxi and bus operators servicing the cruise ships which will be in port should pay particular attention and remember to use the bypass for access while West Bay Road is closed.

Batabano Parade

The following junctions will be closed to traffic from 1.30pm on Saturday, May 2nd to facilitate the Adult Batabano Parade;

  • Bodden Road, Mary Street at North Church Street
  • Fort Street and Harbour Drive
  • Shedden Road and Elgin Avenue
  • Boilers Road and Walkers Road
  • Boilers Road and South Church Street
  • Westbound Lane of Lawrence Blvd at the Esterly Tibbetts Highway
  • Fort Street and Edward Street
  • Edward Street and Dr. Roy’s Drive
  • Memorial Boulevard and South Church Street
  • Shedden Road and Mary Street
  • Shedden Road and Dr. Roy’s Drive
  • orth Church Street/Eastern Avenue, exit Kirks Supermarket at Tricia’s Roses
  • Goring Avenue at Cayman Camera

Junctions along West Bay Road will open up as the parade passes. Downtown closures will remain in place for the duration of evening activities and are expected to open up around 1am.

For further information contact: Susan Watler