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Referendum Count Underway

The counting process to determine whether the Cayman Islands will adopt a revised Constitution got underway at approximately 10:00am today (Thursday, 21 May). The results are being counted by district, and so far the results have been tallied for five districts.

The official results from the Elections Office Referendum Command Centre indicate that in West Bay 1501 persons voted 'yes' on adopting the new Constitution while 1105 persons voted 'no'. Some 16 ballots were spoiled.

In North Side, 337 persons voted 'yes', 134 'no', with one spoiled ballot. In East End 255 persons voted 'yes' while 186 voted 'no' and six ballots were spoiled. For Cayman Brac and Little Cayman 362 persons voted 'yes' while 329 voted 'no' with five ballots spoiled.

By 4:10pm results were available for Bodden Town, where 1842 persons voted 'yes', 837 voted 'no' and there were seven spoiled ballots.

Counting for the one remaining district of George Town is now underway.

For the revised Cayman Islands Constitution to pass, 50 per cent of the persons plus one, who cast their ballots in the referendum, must vote 'yes'.

According to the final official figures some 10,677 persons voted in yesterday's Referendum.

The Referendum counting process follows the wrapping up of the official General Election results early this morning.


For further information contact: Prudence Barnes