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Referendum YES!

Cayman Islands flag

The Cayman Islands will adopt a revised Constitution.

Official results from the Elections Office Referendum Command Centre indicate 11,244 voters cast Referendum ballots (including mobile and postal ballots), and 62.66 per cent voted 'yes', which is more than the required 50 per cent plus one.

Final tallies show 7045 persons voted 'yes', 4127 voted 'no', and there were 72 spoiled ballots.

Constitutional Review Secretariat Director Suzanne Bothwell was on hand to witness the historic count of Cayman's first referendum and said: "The Constitutional Review Secretariat was very pleased with the turn out of voters for the referendum. The turn out was extremely high for such a new initiative for these islands. The country's mandate has been 'yes' for acceptance of the constitution. Now the work will begin to prepare for the implementation of the new constitution."

'Yes' votes won in each of the country's six districts. George Town was the last district to have its Referendum votes counted; 2,748 persons voted 'yes', 1,536 voted 'no', and there were 37 spoiled ballots.

In West Bay 1501 persons voted 'yes' while 1105 persons voted 'no'. Some 16 ballots were spoiled.

In North Side, 337 persons voted 'yes' for the revised Constitution, 134 'no', with one spoiled ballot. In East End 255 persons voted 'yes' while 186 voted 'no' and six ballots were spoiled.

For Cayman Brac and Little Cayman 362 persons voted 'yes' while 329 voted 'no' with five ballots spoiled.

Bodden Town's results came in at approximately 4:10pm, showing 1842 persons voted 'yes', 837 voted 'no' and there were seven spoiled ballots.

HE the Governor Stuart Jack, CVO witnessed the receipt and processing of the final referendum ballot box. He thanked the Command Centre staff for helping the country decide on a very important issue and also commented that the country's first Referendum was very well organised.

Deputy Supervisor of Elections with responsibility for the referendum Colford Scott thanked the staff from all three islands for their dedication and effort.

The official count got underway at approximately 10:00am today (Thursday, 21 May) and finished shortly before 6pm.


For further information contact: Susan Watler