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Scotland & Seymour Matter Unresolved

HE the Governor Mr Stuart Jack

Statement by HE the Governor on the election of Mr Mark Scotland and Mr Dwayne Seymour

As I have said previously I expect candidates in elections to observe the requirements of the Constitution and applicable laws. I do not take lightly any failure to do so.

However I have been authoritatively advised that the Governor has no Constitutional powers to determine whether a candidate is qualified or not, or therefore to refuse to swear in a Member whom the Supervisor of Elections has reported to him to have been duly elected. The official returns that I have received from the Supervisor include Mr Scotland and Mr Seymour as duly elected representatives for Bodden Town.

Any question as to whether a person is validly elected is for the Grand Court to determine. The Governor is not included in the list in the Constitution of those who can file a challenge with the Court. It is my understanding that in these circumstances it would normally be an elector or unsuccessful candidate that would file a challenge by way of a Petition to the Grand Court.

I will leave it for the Attorney General to decide whether he wishes to make a statement on the matter in due course.