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Voter Increase in Elections

By a small margin, more voters went to the polls during today's (Wednesday, 20 May) General Elections, as compared to the turnout in the 2005 elections. (Please note the figures below reflect voter turnout only but do not include postal and mobile votes. The updated figure will be issued following final tabulation of all votes.) At the close of polls at 6 p.m. today, 12,362 voters (80.56% of those registered) had cast their ballots in all six districts; whereas in 2005, a total of 10,527 electors (80.51%) voted.

In the breakdown by district, East End voters led in poll numbers today with 515 people (86.26%) casting their ballots, followed by North Side with 479 votes (84.33%); Cayman Brac and Little Cayman with 817 votes (83.71%); Bodden Town with 2,864 votes (82.37%) and West Bay with 3,046 votes (80.97%). George Town with 4,641 votes (77.79%) was the only district that fell below the national average.

His Excellency the Governor Mr Stuart Jack CVO visited the Elections Command Centre this evening to review the electoral process. He expressed his pleasure at the high level of organization, and at the general election voter turnout.

Today's voting encompassed a dual poll, including the Islands' first-ever referendum on a new constitution. However, fewer voters cast ballots for the referendum -- with only 10,677 voters (69.58% of the electorate) participating.

"The constitution is even more important, for it is a long-term issue," said Mr Jack. Referring to the slightly lower numbers of people voting in the referendum, he said, "While I'd like to have seen maximum turnout for the referendum, this is a respectable turnout for something that the people haven't experienced before, and for an issue which is as complicated as constitutional reform."

Speaking to the decision by local legislators to hold a referendum to determine the future course of the country, he added, "There is more than one way to develop a constitution, but this is the most democratic way."

The constitution referendum ballot boxes from all six electoral districts are now being secured at the Command Centre in the Family Life Centre, where they will be guarded and under official observation overnight. The referendum count will commence at 10 a.m. tomorrow, with the results expected by 3 p.m.

Summarising today's polling results, Elections Supervisor Kearney Gomez said he was particularly happy with the hard work of the hundreds of elections officials. "I commend all election workers for a job well done. We have proven that we can conduct both a general election and a referendum simultaneously -- and efficiently."

Officials are now conducting vote counts and sub-counts in the districts, which are being publicized over local media.

Current results will be issued throughout the night, and possibly into the early morning. Real-time figures are being posted live on the Elections Office website.

Business as Usual on Thursday

While Election Day is a national holiday, it is business as usual for the general population tomorrow (Thursday, 21 May), even as the referendum count continues. Schools and government offices, as well as the private sector, go back to normal.


For further information contact: Lennon Christian