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Walkthrough Elections Process

Deputy Supervisor Orrett Connor and elections staff demonstrate the voting process featured in this week's GIS Spotlight.

This week, GIS Spotlight helps you navigate the elections process, understand salient features of the new Constitution and prepare for a slew of Child Month activities.

At our first stop at the Smith Road Elections Office, Deputy Elections Supervisors Orrett Connor and Colford Scott take us through the voting process. They explain how electors will choose the next group of people's representatives in the general election and vote in Cayman's first referendum to endorse or discard a modified constitution.

Royal Cayman Island Police Service Superintendent Adrian Seales also highlights how police officers will be on the job to ensure law and order is maintained in and around the polling centres in all six districts.

Next, GIS Spotlight host Heather Hopson takes us to the Constitutional Review Secretariat (CRS) in Elizabethan Square. Tune in as CRS Director Suzanne Bothwell and Deputy Director Christen Suckoo highlight features in the new draft Constitution such as the right of children and the right to environment which seeks to preserve the Caymanian heritage.

You will hear about steps the Secretariat is taking to get the word out, particularly the simplified guide and copies of the draft constitution which are available at major supermarkets, post offices and public libraries.

Finally, come along on the trip to the Department of Children and Family Services to hear about Child Month activities scheduled throughout May that are designed to focus attention on the wisdom of spending time with our children.

Produced by Government Information Services, GIS Spotlight highlights government's services and solutions regarding issues that concern and affect you.

Due to CITN's elections coverage, GIS Spotlight is currently being aired on Cayman 27 on Tuesdays at 6:30pm, instead of the normal 6:30pm Monday time slot.

The Thursday airing at 7:30pm on Island 24 remains unchanged. Viewers are advised to stay tuned for any additional schedule changes.

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