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Fourth Kitchen Fire of 2009

This defective connector is not tapered (curved) and is missing the O-ring.

Two West Bay residents were injured during a gas explosion in a West Bay kitchen last night (Tuesday, 9 June).

The Fire Service received the 911 call at 8:56 p.m., reporting an explosion at a house on the junction of Watercourse Road and Boatswain Bay Road. Fire fighters aboard a fire tanker and rescue vehicle were dispatched from West Bay Sub Station, and arrived five minutes later.

Emergency medical personnel also attended the scene, and treated one male and one female for burns. Deputy Chief Fire Officer Doorley McLaughlin said the two were then transferred to the Cayman Islands Hospital, where one was admitted for further treatment, and the other was treated and released.

The two injured persons were tenants occupying the upper section of a six-bedroom, two-storey dwelling.

Initial Fire Service investigations indicate that the probable cause of the explosion was a buildup of gas caused by a missing seal on a propane gas-tank connection. In addition, an incorrect connector was being used.

The 20-lbs cylinder was found inside the building, under a two-burner stove. Fire officials say this is a dangerous and illegal practice, as these tanks should be kept outdoors.

The explosion damaged the house's second storey, which is constructed from wood.

This is the fourth serious, and potentially fatal, kitchen incident this year, and Mr McLaughlin notes that the Fire Service will be issuing more public advisories about the proper use of gas.

Residents should also install smoke detectors and gas detectors in their homes.

For more information, or fire-safety tips, contact Fire Services at 949-0077, or Home Gas at 949-9339.


For further information contact: Lennon Christian