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New Complaints Commissioner

Newly appointed Complaints Commissioner Nicola Williams, is scheduled to take office in late July or early August.

Statement from the Office of the Governor

The Office of the Governor is pleased to announce that Ms. Nicola Williams has been appointed as the new Complaints Commissioner with the Cayman Islands Government. Ms. Williams is a former Commissioner with the Independent Police Commission for London and the South East in England. With over eight years of experience successfully investigating, mediating and resolving complaints, she will lead the Complaints Commissioner's Office to new levels of service for the Cayman Islands. This experience is enhanced with nearly 16 years as a Barrister in private practice at all levels of the Courts, up to the Privy Council. Ms. Williams has a law degree from the University of the South Bank in London.

In addition to her qualifications, Ms. Williams has been actively involved in the legal community as well as a contributor to the community as a whole. She has won numerous recognition awards for her contributions and achievements in the public sector and the legal profession.

On behalf of the people of the Cayman Islands, I would like to express a warm welcome to Ms. Nicola Williams.