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New Deputy Chief Secretary

Franz Manderson becomes Deputy Chief Secretary on 1 July.

Chief Secretary and Head of the Civil Service, the Hon. George McCarthy, OBE, has appointed Mr Franz Manderson as Deputy Chief Secretary. Mr Manderson will take up the position on 1 July 2009.

Mr Manderson was one of two persons who applied for the post, as part of an open recruitment process. After both candidates were interviewed, Mr Manderson was selected for the post.

Mr McCarthy chaired the recruitment panel, which included Pastor Winston Rose, Mr Donovan Ebanks and Mr Peter Gough.

Mr Manderson has a long and distinguished public service career spanning 28 years, having joined the Immigration Department as a clerical officer in 1981.

He moved through the Immigration Department rapidly, and within 10 years was promoted to the post of Assistant Chief Immigration Officer. Four years later, in 1996, he was promoted to Deputy Chief Immigration Officer.

During his Immigration career, Mr Manderson pursued legal studies through the Cayman Islands Law School, obtaining his law degree with honours.

He was then granted a one-year leave of absence by the government, in order to undergo training at the law firm of Walkers to qualify as an attorney-at-law. Mr Manderson was called to the Cayman Bar in 2004.

That same year, he assumed the position of Chief Immigration Officer. In the ensuing five years Mr Manderson transformed the Immigration Department by introducing policies, systems and procedures that significantly increased its efficiency.

His focus on customer service and staff training also has contributed greatly to changing the department's atmosphere and culture.

Mr McCarthy said he was pleased to have such a competent and experienced person appointed as the next Deputy Chief Secretary, "especially in these economic times, and with the introduction of the new Constitution that will have a significant impact on the public service."

Noted Mr Manderson, "I am delighted to have been chosen for the position, and I thank all the people who mentored me, had faith in me, and supported me during my civil service career. I also thank the dedicated staff at Immigration for their tremendous support throughout my career in the department, and especially during my tenure as Chief Immigration Officer."

He added, "I will bring the same dedication and enthusiasm to my new post. I am looking forward to working under the new Chief Secretary, Mr Ebanks; the managers and staff of the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs; and my fellow chief officers."

Mr Ebanks acknowledged the significant contributions that Mr Manderson made at the helm of Immigration, both for the staff and the community.

"However, in his new position, Mr Manderson will have even greater opportunities to influence the provision of public services to the community," he said. "Based on his track record, I also expect that he will have a positive impact on the wider civil service."

He emphasised that the Immigration Department will still fall under the wider remit of the post of Deputy Chief Secretary.

An open recruitment process for the post of Chief Immigration Officer will commence shortly.