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Auto Mechanics Summer Camp

Participants in the summer camp listen keenly to NRA's Fleet Manager Michelle Motta as she discusses some auto repair equipment.

An Auto Mechanics Summer Camp moved into high gear on Monday (20 July) with some 20 children from Grand Cayman schools participating.

Targeting youth aged 12 to17, the one-week camp at the George Hick's PACE High School, was part of the Youth Services Unit's Sizzling Summer Series.

The auto camp was facilitated by the National Roads Authority (NRA).

Several young people are now positioned to explore wider career options and NRA Fleet Manager and camp class facilitator Michelle Motta confirmed that the camps are a way of guiding young people's interests towards careers in the auto industry.

"Despite the industry's struggles worldwide," Miss Motta said, "the business of automobile mechanics presents youngsters with a whole host of careers, many of which remain quite lucrative.

"It's about learning the language of the industry. Although sales are down, auto repairs are increasing since people always need to have their cars fixed. Plus there is car part sales, an area which is still pretty lucrative," she said.

Miss Motta added that technological advances have added glamour to the business, contrary to the traditional perception of 'greasy' mechanics.

"Being a mechanic is no longer necessarily a dirty job; a single piece of equipment, the diagnostic machine, now makes it possible for you to learn what is wrong with a car without taking it apart or getting under it," Miss Motta explained.

Enthusiastic youngsters were pleased to offer input. Thirteen-year-old Alex Balls said he enjoyed the summer camp tremendously. Desirous of getting involved in rally racing in the future, he was fascinated to learn about turbo engines, specifically the differences between a turbo and a twin turbo engine.

At 14, Ahmed Myles was already sure that learning how to fix a car would save him repair and service costs in the future.

The workshop covered a range of topics including the installation of automobile accessories such as windshield wipers, tires and rims, and bulb changing. The class also covered safety issues and simple repairs, analysis and parts replacement.


For further information contact: Prudence Barnes