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National Gallery Opens Late

Joe Betty and Russ Haley

The National Gallery is pleased to announce its newest programme called Late Night at the Gallery. This new bi-monthly late night opening extends the Gallery's opening hours until 9:00pm. The added hours will help to broaden the organisation's accessibility, by inviting visitors to view its exhibitions outside of traditional opening hours.

In addition, by offering a variety of entertainment, the Gallery hopes to expand its audience demographic to include those who may not have visited the Gallery before. This month, the second in the series of late night events, attendees will be entertained by Joseph Betty and Russell Hayley in Expression through Music and Rhyme beginning on Wednesday 22nd July at 7:30pm.

Joseph Betty is a poet and paint artist. He has authored two books of original poetry called "Moments in Life" (2004) and "Daddy what is success?" which was released this year. Joseph continues to write and entertain at various poetry readings on island. You can purchase his books at Books and Books in Camana Bay.

Russell Haley is from Victoria BC and has just recently re-discovered the joy of artistic expression. Russell enjoys writing poetry, prose and music and plays guitar. He admits, "There was a point in my life where I was too afraid of what people might think of me to express myself. Now I'm at a point where I'm too afraid of not getting the chance to express myself to worry about what others think."

Late nights are held on the fourth Wednesday of every other month. For more information contact Mona on or call 945-8111.