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Justice's Case to Privy Council

HE The Governor Stuart Jack, CVO

His Excellency the Governor, acting on advice from the Tribunal enquiring into allegations of misbehaviour against Madam Justice Priya Levers, will request that Her Majesty refer the case to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

The Privy Council will advise on the matter in due course. In the interim, Madam Justice Levers remains on full salary, but she is suspended from duty for an indefinite time.

The advice to refer the matter to the Privy Council is contained in the Tribunal's report to the Governor. The referral is in accordance with the Governor's authorities under the Cayman Islands Constitution.

According to the Governor's Office staff, Mr. Jack will sign the letter next week asking Her Majesty to refer the case, and the request is expected to arrive in London within two weeks.

The Tribunal was appointed on 25 September 2008. Its members completed the report on 12 August in London, and the report was received by the Governor on 17 August.

Because the case is ongoing and will be referred to the Privy Council, the Governor is not at liberty to release the report. Once the Privy Council has made its ruling, a decision will be taken concerning the report's release to the public.