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Serving Bodden Towners

Hon Mark Scotland, MLA

Bodden Town residents are encouraged to take neighbourhood matters into their own hands by joining the efforts of the Bodden Town District Council (BTDC).

"Our members' main objective is to boost the district's social development through targeted activities and projects. In essence, we want to create a better, safer, working and living environment for all," said BTDC chairman Mario Rankin.

To this end the BTDC executive committee members have chosen area leaders who will represent their immediate communities.

"These leaders will serve as the point of contact and will report to the executive committee on the needs and concerns of their specific neighbourhoods. They have completed a Red Cross Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) course, enabling them to more accurately evaluate community needs and risks," Mr. Rankin explained.

Current projects include upgrading the Nurse Josie Solomon Senior Centre and restoring the Savannah/Newlands Playfield. Known locally as 'the playfield', this Pedro Road facility has been closed since being badly damaged by Hurricane Ivan.

"We hope to be open for this year's district heritage day festivities in November. After that, we hope that it will become a popular venue for birthday parties and other functions. Also, we hope to see our young people out there again, playing sports and taking advantage of the basketball court," said Mr. Rankin.

Applauding council members' work, Minister for Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture and Bodden Town MLA Mark Scotland said, "I am particularly pleased with the fact that my district's council is already out there making a difference.

"It meets the requirement of my party's manifesto which called for a council to be established in each district. The BTDC serves as evidence that we don't need bigger government to succeed. What we really need are civic-minded citizens such as these, who work together for the greater good."

The Minister said that as the council liaises with constituents, it will help MLAs to identify key issues. District MLA Dwayne Seymour agreed. "It's so important for all residents to participate in the growth of their communities. Also, updating council members on issues that are important to them will be of real help in the LA," he said.

Urging all Bodden Town residents to join in, Mr. Rankin said, "We hope to work with other community groups within the district, and want to see all Bodden Towners invest their time and effort here."

For more information on the BTDC and its activities, contact Harilyn Bodden on 949-2931 or at . Or call Mr. Rankin on 943-3338, 925-6919 or email him at . Mr. Richard Christian can be reached at 925-5361 or at .


For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver