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Press Releases: September 2009

Support for Persons with Disabilities
The Education Ministry promises to develop legislation and enhance the quality of life for persons with disabilities. 30th September 2009, 3:09pm
Labour Survey & Pilot Census
ESO starts the annual Labour Force Survey on 11 October and will also test a draft census questionnaire. 30th September 2009, 1:58pm
School Projects, Minister's Statement
" is unfortunate that the information shared with the public to date has been so selective, thus presenting an incomplete picture." 30th September 2009, 11:46am
Caribbean Youth Day
"Youth Mainstreaming, Critical to Sustainable Development" says the theme; the Youth Minister Mark Scotland says, "We want to see our young people get involved in every aspect of community life..." 30th September 2009, 11:34am
No Additional Generating Capacity
The ERA Board has cancelled the bidding process for extra generating capacity for Grand Cayman. 28th September 2009, 4:20pm
DoA on Dog Poisonings
The Department of Agriculture comments on the reports and policies concerning pesticide importation, sale and use. 28th September 2009, 4:15pm
Crocodile Recaptured
DoE has once again captured and relocated an American crocodile, a reptile native to this region but unusual for Cayman. 28th September 2009, 4:08pm
Tax Havens and Sustainability
The UK Minister responsible for the OTs wrote an article for the 'Guardian'. 25th September 2009, 5:18pm
Cessation of Work at John Gray
A statement from the Minister of Education says "the cessation of work by the general contractor is...premature and in breach of contract." 25th September 2009, 5:06pm
Reefs Battle Bleaching
DoE states that nearly all shallow reefs have moderate to severe bleaching. 25th September 2009, 4:55pm
Spotlighting Mosquito Wars
This week on 'GIS Spotlight': Fighting mosquitoes; celebrating your right to know government's business, and a stamp edition that salutes our democracy. 25th September 2009, 4:46pm
Right to Know Week
Residents are invited to participate and learn more about FOI. 25th September 2009, 4:37pm
LA Resumes
The Throne Speech and Budget Address will be presented next week; the exact date is still to be confirmed. 25th September 2009, 4:24pm
HE Responds to WB RCIPS Petition
The Governor says that he sees no merit in the request to change the present police leadership in West Bay. 24th September 2009, 4:05pm
Seafarers Benefits
Administration changes; the Ministry of Community Affairs and Housing now has responsibility. 24th September 2009, 3:56pm
NS Back to School Celebration
Meet the new principal at this weekend's event. 24th September 2009, 3:28pm
Commissioner's Expertise
Complaints Commissioner Nicola Williams pledges to operate with independence and integrity. 24th September 2009, 3:09pm
Fire Extinguished
An early morning fire in an Eastern Avenue beauty salon was doused without any injury. 24th September 2009, 2:48pm
Crocs Uncovered!
Two sunfish were found after a reported croc sighting off Seven Mile Beach. 24th September 2009, 2:41pm
New Registrar General
Now heading the General Registry, one of government's main revenue-earners, is Cindy Jefferson-Bulgin who plans to continue the department's financial growth. 24th September 2009, 2:14pm
Spotlighting Mangrove Restoration
On next week's show: Mangrove recovery; training fire fighters with real fire, and Jazzfest 2009. 17th September 2009, 6:01pm
Croc Sightings Investigated
DOE ask people to report sightings, but refrain from approaching the animals. 17th September 2009, 5:59pm
Action Taken against BAICO
The Superintendent of Pensions issued an Order to BAICO on 15th September. 17th September 2009, 5:55pm
CIBC Gives to Children
CIBC and its staff stage a dress-down day fundraiser to buy school uniforms. 17th September 2009, 5:50pm
Governor Releases Prison Review
Spurred by Sabrina Schirn's death, the review covers the supervision of inmates outside the prison. 17th September 2009, 10:36am
The People behind the FACE
Meet the FACE planning committee-the people who make the award happen. 16th September 2009, 10:25am
Salary Reductions Considered
To help balance the budget, most civil servants may get a 2 per cent temporary pay cut. 12th September 2009, 11:07am
Student Arrested, None Injured
Weapons are a zero-tolerance offence at UCCI, says the college's Acting President Brian Chapell. 11th September 2009, 6:36pm
Special Weekend of Prayer
I am now calling upon the people of the Cayman Islands to give thanks once again unto the Lord for his grace and mercy, Minister Bush says. 11th September 2009, 6:33pm
Governor Respects Verdict
But it is necessary to continue pursuing allegations of police corruption, he says. 11th September 2009, 6:28pm
USCGC Orcas visits
Coast Guard cutter makes weekend visit. 11th September 2009, 6:25pm
Spotlighting a Recovery Haven
On this week's show: A place to heal for women; the transformational power of reading, and FACE 2009. 10th September 2009, 6:36pm
Health Inspector Appointed
Mrs. Barrie Quappé will implement an inspection programme for healthcare facilities. 10th September 2009, 6:32pm
School Supplies for Students
DCFS clients receive supplies for the new school year 10th September 2009, 6:29pm
Campbells Assists Students
Campbells law firm donated CI$2000 to assist with school uniforms. 10th September 2009, 6:24pm
Covering School Uniform Costs
Donations continue to assist students with back-to-school needs. 10th September 2009, 6:21pm
Government & Chamber Join Forces
The Chamber has pledged its full support to work on the current economic challenges with Government. 7th September 2009, 7:14pm
GIS Spotlight on Reaching out with FOI
On this week's show: Sharing freedom of information ideas with Bermuda; Red Cross storm solutions, and becoming a turtle nest spotter. 7th September 2009, 7:10pm
Changes to DoA Hours
The DOA sales offices will no longer sell agricultural supplies on Wednesdays. 7th September 2009, 7:08pm
TB Case Reported
Public health officials are working to limit its spread. 6th September 2009, 2:57pm
Statements from Community Affairs, Education
The 3 September press briefing also covered news on the NHDT, youth at risk, the new school year, the school building projects, exam results, an education system review and registering offshore pension plans. 3rd September 2009, 5:24pm
Development Strategy & Dragon Bay
"Government will immediately start the process to begin privatising and developing private partnerships for some of the functions of Government immediately." 3rd September 2009, 4:35pm
LoGB's Statements on CIG Finances
At a press briefing, the Hon. McKeeva Bush explained Government's financial position and said that Government has positive bank account balances in respect of its Reserve or Restricted Funds; he also spoke about development initiatives for the Brac, Government spending, and the Port. 3rd September 2009, 4:22pm
Keep Mosquito Numbers Down
MRCU staff members urge residents to take proper control measures around their homes to reduce breeding of the mosquito which has the potential to transmit dengue fever. 3rd September 2009, 2:29pm
Women's Centre Operational
Caribbean Haven is now offering residential drug treatment for female clients. 3rd September 2009, 2:20pm
Tackling Childhood Obesity
A collaborative effort is being made to address the problem with the development of the Children's Health Task Force. 3rd September 2009, 1:45pm
A Thank You is Free!
Who is the next FACE of the Cayman Islands Government? It's time to recognize civil servants who provide outstanding customer service. 2nd September 2009, 6:18pm
New Minister Outlines Priorities
For education professionals, the school year began with an introduction to the new Minister and Chief Officer for education and an opportunity to hear about their plans. 2nd September 2009, 6:10pm
Governor on Auditor General Reports
The Governor says he looks forward to the Public Accounts Committee's proposals for changes to Standing Orders. 1st September 2009, 4:45pm