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Cessation of Work at John Gray

Hon. Rolston Anglin, Minister of Education

Statement from the Hon. Rolston Anglin, Minister of Education, Training and Employment

on Cessation of Work at the John Gray Campus

With regards to the John Gray and Clifton Hunter construction projects, the Cayman Islands Government has provided significant support to the general contractor, Tom Jones International Ltd.

Funding was made available at the start of each project to assist in mobilisation and has continued to be made available.

To date, all payments due in respect of both contracts are current and have been paid.

Tom Jones International has now stopped work at the John Gray campus. However the next payment for this project is not due until 10 October.

The cessation of work by the general contractor is therefore premature and in breach of contract. As such, any costs associated with work stopping will be Tom Jones International's responsibility.

There are clear contractual terms for the settlement of disputes, including mediation, which have not been followed by the general contractor. The cessation of work has circumvented these terms.

While it has been reported that payment has been withheld due to technicalities, this government believes that all payments must be diligently scrutinised and only made when appropriate. This is not simply a technicality.

The preservation of jobs has always been an important consideration and is one of the reasons why the government has made every effort to assist the general contractor in continuing these projects.

Above all else we must remember that the education of our young people is at the heart of these construction projects. This is the major issue at stake.

The government remains open to further discussion with Tom Jones International.

For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan