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Croc Sightings Investigated

Department of Environment (DoE) officers are investigating reports of crocodile sightings along Seven Mile Beach.

Chief Conservation Officer Mark Orr said the staff have received calls from the public saying they have seen two crocodiles in the White Sands - Seven Mile Public Beach area.

"As far as nature goes, this is not such an abnormal event. If undisturbed, the crocodiles will probably move on by themselves," he said. "Nevertheless, we want the public to be cautious, and they should definitely not approach the animals."

Over the past few months DoE has received a number of reports of crocodile sightings around Grand Cayman. While staff cannot confirm the species of the crocodiles sighted, they most likely are one of the wide-ranging American crocodile species, according to DOE Director Gina Ebanks-Petrie.

"These are generally shy and reclusive, and fall under international protection," she explained.

Mrs Ebanks-Petrie encouraged the public to continue reporting sightings of crocodiles, or any other large marine creature, to the DoE. "This information is of scientific and conservation value, and it will be added to our sightings database," she said.

"We'd also like to have any pictures that could be used to identify the animal. There is no issue with taking a few pictures from a safe distance, if you wish to do so. However, afterwards you should move away and leave the animal alone, as you would do with any other wild animal you encounter," she added.

DoE staff can be contacted on 949-8469 or


For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver