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Governor Releases Prison Review

HE the Governor Mr Stuart Jack

Statement from His Excellency the Governor:

Review of the Prison Service's Policies and Procedures

In Relation to Prisoner Supervision

On 5th May 2009 I announced that there would be an independent review of the policies and procedures of the Prison Service in relation to the supervision of prisoners outside of the prison following the tragic death of a local woman, Sabrina Schirn.

The aim was to ensure that the arrangements for prisoners outside the prison adequately protect the public while balancing in an appropriate way the important efforts that the prison authorities and others have been making towards the rehabilitation of prisoners.

I appointed a local attorney, Mr Orren Merren, to carry out this review with technical advice provided by Stephen Fradley, the FCO's regional prisons advisor. I have received the final report, which I am making public in its entirety. I am very grateful to both men for their work on this important matter.

The key conclusion is that the public can continue to have confidence in the systems that ensure the safety of the public. The established procedures that are currently in place for the Security Categorisation Board and the Labour Allocation Board are found to be reasonably robust and functioning properly.

The report contains many recommendations, a major focus being how we can strengthen important work aimed at the rehabilitation of prisoners and the reduction of recidivism. The recommendations will require careful consideration. I have therefore appointed the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs' Chief Officer Franz Manderson, to chair a working group to examine the report in more detail and to take forward agreed actions.

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