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School Projects, Minister's Statement

Statement from the Hon. Rolston Anglin, Minister of Education, Training and Employment

On the Clifton Hunter and John Gray High School Projects

Over the last few days there has been considerable discussion in the media regarding Tom Jones International and the new school projects situation.

While it appears to be the general contractor's intention to try this matter via the media, I have no desire or intention to do likewise. However, it is unfortunate that the information shared with the public to date has been so selective, thus presenting an incomplete picture.

Without getting into the details, I reiterate the point that all payments due in respect of the Clifton Hunter and John Gray High School projects have been made and they are therefore current.

Further, the bridging loan accessed by Tom Jones International in April 2009, will be fully repaid today (30 September), in accordance with the agreement between the previous administration, the bank and Tom Jones International.