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Special Weekend of Prayer

Hon W McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP, MLA

Statement from the Hon. McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP

Leader of Government (Premier Designate)

Special Weekend of Prayer

This weekend marks the fifth anniversary of the passage of Hurricane Ivan. God's merciful hand spared our lives and brought the Cayman Islands through this horrific natural disaster. Indeed, many of us passed those seemingly endless hours as the storm raged calling out to God in prayer and song- and in His loving kindness He answered us.

I am now calling upon the people of the Cayman Islands over the course of this weekend to pause and reflect upon the calamity which we faced this time five years ago and give thanks once again unto the Lord for his grace and mercy.

I also call upon all Churches and Houses of worship to include a special prayer of thanksgiving as part of this weekend's services.

While thus far this year we have been spared the ravages of another hurricane, we are faced with two 'storms' with similar potential for devastation- the economic crisis we face resulting from the global financial meltdown, in tandem with the social crisis that manifests itself in the violent murders and attacks, mostly amongst our youth. Both have the potential to threaten the peace, stability and prosperity of our beloved Isles.

While we as a nation set aside time to give thanks for the survival of Hurricane Ivan's passage, let us once again cry out to God for his intervention in these economic and social crises. I firmly believe in the power of prayer and that prayer can turn the direst of situations around.

Therefore let us all seek the Lord as our forefathers did for His blessings and His guidance out of this dark hour, and a new direction for the Cayman Islands which is pleasing and does honour unto Him.

Thank you for joining me in prayer this weekend. May God bless you and may God continue to bless the Cayman Islands.