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Spotlighting a Recovery Haven

This week our GIS Spotlight crew visits Caribbean Haven's new recovery facility for women, then we explore the power of reading in prison. Finally, with the 2009 FACE awards it's again time to recognise civil servants who go the extra mile.

Women battling substance abuse in the Cayman Islands now have a place where they can receive careful around the clock guidance along the road to recovery.

Join us as we visit the women's centre at Caribbean Haven which opened in June. We talk to staff about the challenges females face as they commit to recovery. We also explore all the support networks available to them.

"Real men read" states a banner hanging at HM Northward Prison. However, for many inmates, this simple but life-changing skill is out of their reach, and they need your help.

So, go with us beyond the gates and high fences and hear one inmate share how reading has changed his life. We speak to a volunteer on the impact she is making, and tell you how you can get involved in the prison literacy programme.

Also hear how teaching prisoners how to read, write and use computer programmes assists them in living productive lives when they return to society.

Nominations for the third annual Governor's Five-Star Award for Customer Excellence (FACE) have officially opened.

His Excellency the Governor Stuart Jack tells GIS Spotlight why this year's awards are especially important. We also talk to Chief Secretary Donovan Ebanks about the challenges civil servants are facing, and how they can rise to the challenges.

FACE nominations close on 7 October. For more information, visit

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