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Spotlighting Mangrove Restoration

A mangrove nursery.

This week wade in with GIS Spotlight to explore the local mangrove replenishment project; feel the heat at Fire Services' annual training event, and then cool off with a sneak peek at Jazzfest 2009.

Five years after Hurricane Ivan, there are still large gaps in Cayman's mangroves but for the past 18 months, Department of Environment staff members have been hard at work replenishing this vital resource.

Tune in as we visit replanting sites along the South Sound coast and near the Sailing Club in Red Bay. Discover the survival rate for saplings and what has been learned through trial and error and join the discussion to find out why it takes so long to restore mangrove growth and why these waterlogged trees are so important to the environment.

Moving along, we of course recognise that when disaster strikes, firemen must be able to respond quickly, effectively and safely. So join GIS Spotlight to experience Fire Services' annual training event that includes responding to a live burn situation.

This year, with the help of Home Gas and as part of the Cook Smart, Safety First! campaign, local fire teams were trained to respond to liquid gas fires. Hear how hot it gets and what the firemen learned.

Next, the Department of Tourism has promised to make this year's Jazzfest bigger and better than ever. So stay tuned to get the skinny on Cayman's premiere music event. We'll tell you what local talent is slated for the show; and how DOT plans to double your enjoyment while attracting twice as many music lovers this year.

Produced by Government Information Services, GIS Spotlight highlights government's services and solutions regarding issues that concern and affect you.

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