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Student Arrested, None Injured

Hon Rolston M Anglin, MLA

The immediate actions of the University College's Acting President Brian Chapell, campus security and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service averted an incident at the University College campus earlier today (Friday, 11 September).

One student was arrested after chasing two others with a machete. No one on the campus was injured during the incident.

"Our primary objective is to provide quality education in a safe environment," UCCI Acting President Brian Chapell explained, "and we take a firm stance against any person who attempts to jeopardise the safety and security of our students and staff."

"Weapons are a zero-tolerance offence at UCCI," he added. "Possession of a weapon on campus will result in immediate expulsion, in line with our student policies and procedures."

Minister for Education the Hon. Rolston Anglin was briefed on the incident. "The Ministry fully supports Dr. Chapell's actions, and his efforts to ensure that the campus is a safe place," he said.

Mr. Anglin emphasised that students are expected to do their part in maintaining an atmosphere of learning by handling conflicts in mature ways. "Reckless, immature behaviour will not be tolerated at any educational level," he pointed out.

"By the time a student enters university he or she is expected to demonstrate self control. Students who express themselves otherwise will be dealt with according to the university's disciplinary policies, and the fullest extent of the law."

Campus security's first response, in cases where weapons are seen or suspected, is to immediately ensure the safety of bystanders and call 911.


For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver