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The People behind the FACE

Members of the FACE Planning Committee are (from L-R) FACE Programme Coordinator Ailene Holder, Melissa Dilbert, Carol Best-Gould, and Keira Simpson. Absent from the photo are Jacqueline Hennings and Cayman Brac/Little Cayman representatives Raymond Scott and Estelle Stilling.

The third annual Governor's Five-Star Award for Customer Excellence (FACE) is officially underway, giving everyone a chance to identify civil servants who go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service.

However, getting 'the show on the road' requires extra hands, said FACE Programme Coordinator Ailene Holder. So each year a planning committee is selected to help with the distribution of materials, and to organise the award ceremony.

"FACE presents a fantastic opportunity to honour our civil servants, but the programme would be impossible without these volunteers. I sincerely thank them for their time and energy," Ms Holder said.

She also noted that this year's nomination period is much shorter than usual: "I urge people to nominate sooner rather than later. There is less than four weeks left to submit names."

You can pick up FACE Award nomination forms at most post offices, government service counters, or the Government Administration Building. They can also be downloaded at

Remember, a thank you costs nothing. The deadline to submit your nominations for the FACE Award is Wednesday, 7 October.


For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver