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FACEs of Service

FACE founder, HE the Governor Stuart Jack

Staff members have had to go the extra mile at a time when there are fewer resources and unfilled vacant posts due to financial constraints...

—HE the Governor, Mr. Stuart Jack

Ninety-three civil servants have been identified by internal and external customers as providing quality customer service.

Ranging from department heads to waste collectors, they are all nominees for the third annual Governor's Five-Star Award for Customer Excellence (FACE) competition.

"I am delighted at the number of government employees nominated this year - a time that has presented more than normal challenges," His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Stuart Jack, CVO, said.

The Governor noted that the awards take on additional meaning this year, and said, "Staff members have had to go the extra mile at a time when there are fewer resources and unfilled vacant posts due to financial constraints, spurred on by a global recession."

Mr. Jack said, "Customers nevertheless expect high standards and the awards are at once an endorsement and an encouragement."

He added that, while the actual winners represent a mere handful of hardworking government employees, the sheer number of nominees gives a fuller picture of those deserving appreciation.

The winners will be announced at the Government House awards function on Wednesday, 4 November, FACE Programme Coordinator Ailene Holder said. "We are excited and expect a good turnout for the event."

FACE 2009 Nominees

Charles Alberga, Planning Department

Joanne Anglin-Haynes, Employment Relations

Ceta Aurillard, Planning Department

Tina Barton, Immigration Department

Dax Basdeo, Cayman Islands Investment Bureau

Clive Bennett, Environmental Health

Shondel Bodden, Planning Department

Natasha Bodden, Freedom of Information Unit

Kimberly Bolt, Department of Vehicle Licensing

Roseta Moore-Brown, Immigration Department

Chevala Burke, District Administration - Cayman Brac

Melanie Carter, Computer Services

Cenia Conolly, Department of Vehicle Licensing

Tammy Banks-DaCosta, Education Services, Cayman Brac Teachers Centre

Keino Daley, District Administration - Cayman Brac

Merta Day, Department of Sports

Temar Dixon (Clarke), Treasury Department

Susan Duguay, Office of the Complaints Commissioner

Dwayne Ebanks, Planning Department

Riselda Ebanks, Ministry of CA & H

Tristaca Ebanks, Chief Secretary's Office

Donna Ebanks, Department of Vehicle Licensing

Anthony Ennis, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

Desney Forde, Portfolio of the Civil Service

Iain Franklin, Lands & Survey

Janice Frederick, Immigration Department

Niuvis Gainza-Carter, Department of Vehicle Licensing

Tracey Gale, Computer Services

Connie Godet, District Administration - Cayman Brac

Lori Grant, District Administration - Cayman Brac

Karen Griffiths, Planning Department

Rochelle Hanson, Education Department - JGHS

Carol Harford, Department of Vehicle Licensing

Veronica Harvey, Public Works Department

Jacqueline Hennings, Governor's Office

Ricardo Henry, Cadet Corps

Enola Hodgson, Postal Services

Angelique Howell, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

Katreena Hydes, Department of Vehicle Licensing

Emily Jackson-Ricketts, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

Greg James, Computer Services

Heidi Knowlton, Education Department

Loval Linwood, Employment Relations

Elsi Linwood, Planning Department

Suzanne Livingston, Judicial Administration

Sean Lloyd-Hickey, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

Kimberly Lutz, Cayman Islands Audit Office

Florence Manderson, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

Franz Manderson, Deputy Chief Secretary's Office

Miguel McFarlane, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

Norma McField, Radio Cayman

Alma McKenzie, Department of Tourism

Sydney Moore, Environmental Health

Patricia Muschette, Judicial Department

Stephen Myers, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

Eugene Myles, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

Leyda Nicholson-Coe, Ministry of DA, W & GA

Bobeth O'Garro, Cadet Corps

Lisa Parks, Government Information Services

Tia Parrott-Urkevic, Computer Services

Darice Powell Pinedo, Computer Services

Ilene Porter, District Administration - Cayman Brac

Damian Powell, Immigration Department

Dolcy Powery, Immigration Department

Wintroy Randal, Environmental Health

Marcia Rankin, District Administration - Cayman Brac

Chastine Rankine, Immigration Department

Tamara Reid, Immigration Department

Janilee Reynolds, Postal Services

Tichina Rickfield, Immigration Department

Colleen Rivers, Postal Services

Melanie Rivers-Woods, General Registry

Vicki Robinson, Portfolio of Legal Affairs

Ronald Sanderson, Planning Department

Harold Sanford, Department of Sports

Beverly Scott, Lands & Survey

Jackie Scott, Judicial Department

Nina Smith, Planning Department

Patrina Smith, Public Library

Hope Stephenson, Lands & Survey

Wanda Tatum, District Administration - Cayman Brac

Venice Tatum, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

Sheila Thomas, Treasury Department

Cheryl Thompson, Radio Cayman

Garth Tibbetts, Planning Department

Bentley Leroy Tibbetts, District Administration - Cayman Brac

Maria Tibbetts, District Administration - Cayman Brac

Daphine Watson, Department of Tourism

Rosandi Weatherford, Health Insurance Commission

Christine Welds, Immigration Department

Sidehan Whittaker, Immigration Department

Florence Woodson, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

Christine Wright, Chief Secretary's Office

Source: Portfolio of the Civil Service

For further information contact: Bina Mani