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George Town Seniors Feted

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) teamed up with the Happy Seniors Fellowship and Cayman National Bank (CNB) to stage the 2009 George Town Seniors Day. (L-R) Senior Frida Mitchell; DCFS Director Deanna Look Loy; CNB Corporate Communications Senior Executive Claudia Welds, and Senior Esterina Samuels.

George Town seniors braved heavy rains on Monday (19 October) to attend their annual brunch at the Family Life Centre on Walker's Road. They were even joined by some of their contemporaries from neighbouring districts.

So despite gloomy skies, the over 100 seniors were in high spirits as they entertained each other and were regaled by guest performers throughout the day.

Admitting that she had feared that rain would postpone the function, DSCF Director Deanna Look Loy said she was heartened to see the seniors turn out in their numbers.

Encouraging them to enjoy their day, she noted that they deserved to be lauded, given the contributions they had made-and continue to make-to society.

Seniors Day was part of Older Persons Month, being observed under the theme: Healthy, Happy Seniors: Create a Society for All Ages. It was hosted by the DCFS in collaboration with the George Town Happy Seniors Fellowship. DCFS Community Development Officer Zemrie Thompson and Nancy Bodden of the Happy Seniors Fellowship co-chaired the function.

True to form, the seniors captured the essence of the theme as they sang and performed a variety of skits.

Captain Paul Hurlston was on hand to deliver an oral history of the Cayman Islands, making sure to include trivia on sports, agriculture, education, shipping and business. He disclosed interesting details such as which was the first ice cream parlour in Grand Cayman, as well as who brought the first rabbit to the island.

Senior Janilee Clifford poked fun at the generation gap and the condition of aging in the piece, What is a Senior? "Back in our day, heroine meant female heroes and a gay person was the life of the party," she said to peals of laughter from her fellows.

Cayman National Bank (CNB) sponsored the seniors' lunch with staff members taking on the role of servers. Senior Executive of Corporate Communications Claudia Welds acknowledged the bank's commitment to older persons:

"CNB recognizes the importance of paying tribute to those who have made such a great contribution to our society," she said.

Spiritual contributions to the programme came from Pastor Al Ebanks of Agape Family Worship Centre who ministered to the seniors. Rev. Yolanda Palmer of the Church of God Chapel, George Town also led the group in prayer, while praise and worship was led by Wendy Quinland.

Church of God Chapel Worship Leader Sarah Kramer was well-received when she treated the seniors to a rendition of Amazing Grace and Keisha Webb of George Hicks High School also entertained with song.

Following talks on mental health and social issues, a few lucky seniors won plants, courtesy of Vigoro Nursery. The seniors then capped off their day by raising voices to the Older Persons Month theme song, Seniors' Time, written by Olive Miller and sung to the tune of Jingle Bells.


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